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Launched a new line for the production of napkins made of nonwoven materials

Launched a new line for the production of napkins made of nonwoven materials

Our company has launched a new line for the production of universal napkins of nonwoven material.

These are wipes for dry and wet cleaning. They are mainly used in the kitchen, perfectly absorb moisture and remove dirt.

Various nonwoven materials are used as raw materials for napkins (at the request of the Customer):

  • cotton with viscose and polyester;
  • viscose with polyester;
  • bamboo pulp.

Depending on the type of material used in the production, napkins have different properties. Some of them are softer, they can be used for wet cleaning of furniture, others are highly hygroscopic, and some are better suited for use in the kitchen.

For example, bamboo pulp wipes have antiseptic properties. If an ordinary napkin serves in the kitchen for 2-3 days, after which an unpleasant smell appears, then a bamboo cellulose napkin can last more than a week.

The sizes of napkins, as well as their quantity in a package (3, 5, 10 pieces and more) - are agreed with the customer.

A new production line for “STANDARD” handkerchiefs is purchased

A new production line for STANDARD handkerchiefs is purchased

"BEST PAPER" Company purchases a new production line for “Standard” paper handkerchiefs. This will be the third production line for standard-sized handkerchiefs.

The new line is fully automated and is double capacity than the two already operating lines. In addition, it will improve the quality of handkerchiefs that will not only meet the domestic market demands but also will open export to Europe.

Start of the new line is planned for July 2016.

Production capacity of paper Handkerchiefs "Compact" doubled

Production capacity of paper Handkerchiefs Compact doubled

BEST PAPER" LLC. installed and run a second production line for the production of handkerchiefs "Compact".

This is due to the increased demand for this type of napkins, which quickly gained popularity in the market. The new line is fully automated and offers high productivity. It will fully meet the demand of our customers for the handkerchiefs "Compact".

Two-time increase in the production of paper handkerchiefs

Двукратный рост производства  бумажных платочков

"BEST Paper" LLC. is constantly increasing its production of paper handkerchiefs. In June and July 2015 the volume of production exceeded the volume of last year doubled and continues to grow.

A significant role in the growth of production handkerchiefs played financial crisis and a sharp drop in imports of these products. Major customers receive products on import, placed their orders in the "Best Paper" LLC.

Our serious attitude to the quality of products also is very important. Over the past year "Best Paper" LLC. passed through full quality control by independent audit company.