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Two-time increase in the production of paper handkerchiefs

Двукратный рост производства  бумажных платочков

"BEST Paper" LLC. is constantly increasing its production of paper handkerchiefs. In June and July 2015 the volume of production exceeded the volume of last year doubled and continues to grow.

A significant role in the growth of production handkerchiefs played financial crisis and a sharp drop in imports of these products. Major customers receive products on import, placed their orders in the "Best Paper" LLC.

Our serious attitude to the quality of products also is very important. Over the past year "Best Paper" LLC. passed through full quality control by independent audit company.

Start of production of the scourers


"BEST Paper" LLC. started production of the scourers under the brand name of the customer.

Processing equipment was purchased that is currently installed in the workplace.

Two types of the scourers will be produced:

  • Type 1: stainless steel sponge, woven in a circular form.
  • Type 2: stainless steel sponge, woven in a spiral.

Scourers are designed for washing utensils (enameled, glass, stainless steel). Effectively remove dirt even complex with sink, stove, oven. Made of stainless steel, it is very strong. Not recommended for cleaning surfaces coated with Teflon and other delicate surfaces.


“Compact” Paper Handkerchiefs

"Compact" Handkerchiefs - a novelty for the Russian market!

A new automated line was launched for the production of "Compact" paper handkerchiefs, which have no analogues in the Russian market. Packaging "Compact" is smaller than "Standard". The size of handkerchiefs themselves "Standard" and "Compact" is the same. Compact package easily fits in a pocket or makeup, so it is more convenient to use. The most modern line is used for the production of "Compact" handkerchiefs, so their quality is perfectl.

"Compact" Paper handkerchiefs are available as 2-ply and 3-ply. Both Russian and imported raw materials of the highest quality. Handkerchiefs made from imported raw materials a little more expensive, but they are much more comfortable to use. Package size "Compact" 70 x 50 x 25 mm.


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